Website: DivaFit
My Role: Design and Front-End Development

I was approached by my friend Tim (old colleague at Electronic Arts) about redesigning the website for DivaFit, a group teaching pole-dancing as exercise to which is wife is actually a teacher for. Their site was quite dated and I was asked to bring new life to its look. For my initial concept (black design below), I wanted to bring it a sleek and sexier look while still keeping it approachable. For the background of the site I used one of the supplied photos of the instructors to give them more “ownership” to the look, so it didn’t feel generic. Along with the web design, I attempted to refresh their logo, again giving it an updated and sleeker design. In the end after showing this new design to the owner, she thought it felt a bit too sexy. Also, they have put some branding into their current logo and are hesitant to change.

Going back to the drawing board, I kept some of the structure the same as I felt it worked nicely with the content they wanted to display. I worked it into a lighter color scheme. Also worked in pink from their logo for accent, buttons and CTA elements. The code was standards compliant XTHML & CSS that I then gave to Tim so he could work in the custom backend elements. Note: since passing it off, changes were made.

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Initial Design Concept & Logo Design
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