MakerBot Digital Store – 2014 Updates


MakerBot Digital Store - 2014 Updates

Client: MakerBot Digital Store
My Role: UI/UX Designer

We launched the Digital Store for Makerbot during the 2014 CES conference. It was a huge undertaking, and it received much praise, with one tech blog describing it as the “iTunes of 3D printing.” Not bad!

But with the growth and more available content over the following months, we realized we needed a better way to discover and share what the Digital Store team had been creating:

First up was a redesign of the Digital Store homepage. When we first launched the service we had only six collections to highlight, and the main focus of the homepage was to not only display this content but also educate the users on what the service was and how it worked. Post-launch we were able to tone down that messaging and start to focus on the new, amazing content the team had to offer.

Digital Store 2014 Updates - Homepage Redesign

With a growing catalog of designs, the original method of jumping between collections wasn’t going to work. We created a brand-new Browse section of the site, with 3 main categories (Learn, Play, and Use) that made for an easier way to discover new 3D designs to purchase and print.

Digital Store 2014 Updates - Browse Products

Single Product Page Design
With the release of the T-Rex Skeleton, we needed a new design for showcasing products that were of just one design and not a collection of designs. The design we came up with focused more on that single design and was easily templetized for later products.

Digital Store 2014 Updates - Single Product Page