GameGround – Misc Mockups, Dialogs and More


GameGround - Misc. Mockups, Dialogs and More

Client: GameGround – Misc mockups, dialogs and more
My Role: Lead Designer
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Below are a handful of miscellaneous designs. They are a mixture of concept/mockups, dialogs used on the site, newsletter designs and marketing materials.

Header Concept
GameGround - Header Concept

Player Profile – Collections Concept
Player Profile - Collections Concept

Player Profile – Power-Ups Listing Concept
Player Profile - Power-Ups Concept

Business Card Concepts
GameGround - Business Card Concepts

GameGround - Toolbars

Level Up Dialog
GameGround - Level Up Dialog

Add Coins Lightbox
GameGround - Add Coins Lightbox

Marketing Asset: Christmas Promotion
GameGround - Marketing Asset

Marketing Asset: Contest Promotion
GameGround - Marketing Asset

Email – Tournament Won Notification
GameGround - Email Notification

Email – New Game Newsletter
GameGround - New Game Newsletter