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Makerbot Thingiverse

Client: MakerBot Thingiverse
My Role: UI/UX Designer
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In April of this year, I joined the team at MakerBot Industries to take on the role of UI/UX Designer for their community portal, Thingiverse. I was given a PSD file for the Thing grid element (the card that showcases the screenshot and like/collect/comment functionality) and had to base my design from that. Over the past four months, I’ve been working on a brand-new look for the site and working with a group of talented developers to bring it to life.

Redesigning this massive site was no easy task: trying to find that middle ground of both making it easier for new 3D printer users and keeping the hardcore fanbase happy on top of an existing code base–all the while making it responsive for tablet and mobile users. In the end, about 70% of the site received a refreshed look, and progress to finish off the rest is still ongoing. For comparison’s sake, I’ve uploaded an image showcasing the look of the site before the redesign. I’ll continue to update this entry with the other redesigned pages as they go live.

Updated: 12/27/2013
Added three new pages: About Page, Challenge Pages and MakerBot Verified listing for Thing Pages

Thingiverse: Homepage

Explore (New Grids Layout)
Thingiverse: Explore

Thing Page
Thingiverse: Thing Page

Thing Page – Download Dialog
Thingiverse: Thing Page - Download Dialog

Thing Page – MakerBot Verified Files
MakerBot Verified

User Profiles
Thingiverse: User Profiles

Thingiverse: Collections

Search – User Results (new feature)
Thingiverse: Search (users)

User Dashboard
Thingiverse: Dashboard

User Settings
Thingiverse: User Settings

Challenges (Home)
Challenges (Home)

Challenges (Challenge page)
Challenges (listing)

About Thingiverse
About Thingiverse

Mobile View
Thingiverse: Mobile View

Tablet View
Thingiverse: Tablet View