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My Role: Founder. Design & Code.
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In August 2011, I started up a new side project to replace the now closed Phirebrush. The original idea had the site housing my monthly calendar wallpapers. But after some thought, I came up with the idea of taking the great thing about Phirebrush (user submissions) and use that for this project as well.

I set out to create a responsive website, meaning the website will display not only on your desktop but also on your tablet and mobile devices using CSS media queries. I decided on using WordPress as the CMS for the project, giving me the ability to use the custom field function to input the different resolutions and the ability to schedule releases to launch every monday at 5am. I also utilized jquery to trigger the download button. When pressed, the resolutions offered display as well as a small section showcasing the users current desktop resolution to help aid in which one to pick.

In December, only five months after our launch, we surpassed over 20,000 unique visitors and over 5,000 downloads of the featured submissions. We’ve been offering quite an arrange of wallpapers from beautiful photographs to awesome artistic creations all being released first on our site.

dsktps logo
dsktps logo

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Mobile Layout
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