Jason (2021 - Brooklyn, NY)

Who is Kriegs?

Hello, I’m Jason Krieger and I’m a Product Designer with 20+ years of digital experience currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Currently I’m Head of Design at Yieldstreet. Previously, I was at MakerBot Industries (Creative Director UX), EA Games / Mythic Entertainment (Web Design Lead) and GameGround (Design Lead).

Some of my strengths include: Figma, Design Systems, Adobe Creative Suite, UI/UX Design for Web and Mobile, Digital Photography, ClickUp (project management), Front End Development (HTML5,CSS3, WordPress). When I’m not creating for the web, I’m probably gaming online or painting minis , taking photos, hiding gnomes, or baking cookies.

Side Projects

projects-dsktpsStarted in August 2011, dsktps is a site that offers a brand new wallpaper every Monday. Each wallpaper comes in a variety of sizes for desktop, mobile and tablet. I developed the site in a responsive, HTML5/CSS3 layout using WordPress as a CMS backend.

projects-brookhammerBack in 2014, I really started to get into the tabletop game Warhammer 40K with some MakerBot co-workers. We decided to start keeping track of our painting and games with a Tumblr blog a year later under the name Brookhammer. In 2017, with our group growing I wanted to upgrade our online presence with a full feature site.

projects-dsktpsWhen joining MakerBot in 2013, a fellow gnome loving co-worker shared with me some of the cute gnome designs he had scanned in and printed. Instantly, I knew I had to do something cool with these! I decided to start printing and hiding them in the city and Acts of Gnome was born. Eventually, I started to give them to friends to take with them on trips too!

projects-dsktpsLaunched July 2012, Jason & Erin is a photoblog I’ve started with my girlfriend Erin. We wanted a place to share photos of our life, travels, food we eat/make and more. Just like dsktps, the site was developed using WordPress and features a responsive design.

projects-dsktpsPhirebrush (currently offline) was an online art magazine that I founded in 2001. It had come quite the long way in its 10 years of existence. The site launched new releases monthly consisting of user submitted artworks, photography, music and writings along with an interview with up and coming artists. Plans of a resurrection are in the works.